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PA’s observation on CEO’s Human Resource Development

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Freedom of thought:

PAs Observation

       Rather than giving orders, we use company’s policies and goal to communicate CEO’s vision. One of our goals is for everyone, especially Managements, to be able to work without supervision. This may be a big challenge for those who do not know their responsibilities.

       What HR always communicate to Mid-Management level candidates during the interview is that if they are seeking freedom of thought, creativity, and challenges, our company will definitely be the right choice for them.

       Compared to the last 3 years, Management today have become independent and they drive with confidence and without supervision. Our organization has recently received our second consecutive “Delivery Award”. HR ha recognized that ASAHI PLUS’s Human Resource Development as well as all staff’s effort have contributed to this success. CEO barely give orders, instead he emphasizes on the importance of the responsiveness and keeping promises with customers so this shows that everyone knows their duties and responsibilities.

21 May, 17