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         ASAHI PLUS Co., Ltd. was founded in Thailand on June 29th, 2011 with the intention to support the business of our Thailand-based clients. In the business world, we cannot deny that “the collaboration of all employees” drives the business. In addition, I would like to make “Giri” (Japanese word for a sense of duty to repay the supporter) a motto for all employees to hold and practice as our company’s tradition.          As for our Mid-term Management Plan (July 2015-Jun 20  18), along with our aim to further improve our service and the quality of our products, we also aim to start new lines of business (besides the production of plastic parts for electric power tools and automotive parts) to support our clients who have become more and more diverse. And in order to achieve our 3-year, short-term business target, not only we want various point of view and of employees’ paradigm, but we also want innovation & cutting-edge technology that include how to increase internal value as these are factors for our company to achieve targets.         For our Molding business, we have to admit that it is very challenging and needs investment. The service solutions we currently provide are mold design and mold making but as for our long-term business target, we see an opportunity to provide service that exceeds our customer’s expectation and that is molding prompt repair. In other word, we will be the first to provide molding repair service and finish it within 24 hours.         Lastly, even our business will expand in many areas in the future but we must not forget the root of our company that we started from the production of plastic parts and that is where our corporate tagline “No Plastic No life” came from. Most importantly, we must not forget to repay Thailand and Thai people who give so much support to ASAHI PLUS that we could keep our business running until now and forever.