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People, Health and Safety


ASAHI PLUS cares a great deal of the safety, health and well-being of its employee, suppliers, and visitors. Therefore, it is our priority to ensure a safe workplace at our premises to prevent injuries.

Due to rapid growth, the adaption of new technology, production process, and materials could reduce employees’ safety, or pose danger.

To be aligned with ASAHI PLU’s policies and commitments, we continuously exercise Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems as follows;


October 31, 2016 Fire fighting Training
FF2_02 FF2_03 FF2_04 FF2_05
FF2_06 FF2_07 FF2_08 FF2_09
September 26, 2015 Safety day
SFday1_01 SFday1_02 SFday1_03 SFday1_04
SFday1_05 SFday1_07 SFday1_06 SFday1_08
SFday1_09 SFday1_10 SFday1_11 SFday1_12
Praticing emergency in case of chemical pill
Spill1_01 Spill1_02 Spill1_03 Spill1_04
December 19, 2014 Fire fighting Training
FF1_05 FF1_06 FF1_07 FF1_08
FF1_01 FF1_02 FF1_04 FF1_03
Dec 8, 2014 Medical Check up

Safety performance


 According to the statistics on Health and Safety at our workplace, there was Zero Accident ever since we have established in 2012. However, we will continue to closely monitor, manage and maintain our safety standard.