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We aim to be number 1 One-Stop Service provider in Injection Molding business through an excellent collaboration with customers and quality manpower.


+ Great Collaboration towards Customers
We adhere to the readiness, responsiveness, and care to fulfill our customer’s needs. We sincerely and honestly keep our promises.
+ Leader in Quality
Our desire to be leader in quality is our motivation to always search for innovations to enhance our quality.
+ Organizational culture

We always listen to our employees’ ideas and respect their beliefs as we want them to work with pride and take ownership over their assignment. We strongly encourage teamwork. We believe it is a key to overcome any challenges and to reach our common goals.

We value diversity – diversity in opinions and in the way we do our job. Diversity increases creative thinking and solutions that will help us raise awareness of accepting differences among employees.

We are convinced that a collaborative work environment and respecting diversity creates trust in an organization. When we trust each other, it leads us to a more open communication and effective results, knowledge sharing, and less conflict.

+ Constant Development
The ultimate goal of our organization is to conquer the uncertainty and challenges. To keep our business running, we must keep developing our technology and our competency. “What we do today is not yet the best. We can always do better!” This way of thinking will lead to constant and sustainable development.

Corporate Value

Corporate social responsibility, our employees’ well-being, and the satisfaction of our suppliers are the foundation of our company. We strongly believe that the three foundations will lead us to stable and sustainable growth.
1. Care for our society and environment
We are determined to help improve the quality of life of the society while caring for the environment.
2. Care for our External Provider
Suppliers are like our customers. We are interdependent. Therefore, we aim to build long-lasting relationships with them to ensure mutual benefits.
3. Care for our employees
Not only we encourage freedom of thought, but also we guarantee a pleasant and safe work environment. We care a great deal of career path, and compensation and benefits.